RxAuditor Investigate has been very helpful in screening for potential drug diversion in a manner that is quick, efficient, accurate, and user friendly. With several months of data loaded, we immediately detected an individual that had been under suspicion for a couple of months prior and had taken a while to identify. Had we had RxAuditor Investigate up sooner, we would have easily detected this individual at the onset. James (Jamie) Caldwell, Pharm.D. Director of Pharmacy Services Anne Arundel Medical Center
Inova Health System
RxAuditor has been a valuable tool for monitoring diversion across our five-hospital system. The reports are detailed and organized to allow users to focus in on areas of concern. The support and executive staff have been extremely helpful with setup and training. Cathleen Cowden, PharmD Regional Director of Pharmacy Services Inova Health System
Bristol Hospital - everyday extraordinary
RxAuditor helps me at each step of the ASHP’s compliance and monitoring cycle. Medacist’s Ten Step RxReview process helps me zero in on areas of concern. The process is concise and I can use the information to identify trends and investigate. The TriageRx and TrendRx indicators are easy to explain to nurse managers and administration. Monitoring would take a lot more time without it. Steven Burke, RPh Director of Pharmacy Bristol Hospital
Women's & Children's Hospital
We have had several diversion situations identified that we would not have known about or caught without the use of the RxAuditor report. Just recently we identified a nurse that had been diverting from the hospital for 4 years. She started showing up on our RxAuditor report for Dilaudid (hydromorphone) for the last year. There were several “educational” conversations that took place and nursing leadership medication administration observations. The trouble with our situation was she was a very high performing nurse that received compliments from both staff and patients. She was “the last person you would suspect to be diverting.” The report finally told the story. This finally hit home to the nursing leadership and she was brought in for a drug screen. She openly shared what she had been doing and really seemed to be relieved that this was ending. Stacy Boatright, RPh Director of Pharmacy Women’s & Children’s Hospital
UMass Memorial Health Care
Rx Auditor has enhanced our collaborative pharmacy-nursing model by providing robust, timely, customized data. It has significantly streamlined the process allowing management to consistently review data and make important timely decisions resulting in improved performance indicators and user accountability. Roland Bercume, MS, RPh Senior Director of Pharmacy UMASS Memorial Health Care