Medacist Solutions Group – Top 10 Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers 2019

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Medacist was named Top 10 Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers in 2019 by Healthcare Tech Outlook. Below is a preview of the article. Please click below to download the full article.

“We were the first player in the market to discover the need for analytics around drug diversion way back in 1997. Upon witnessing a pressing need in the market for mitigating the misuse of prescription medicines by healthcare professionals, which posed a significant risk to patients, we developed our algorithm and implemented it,” begins David Brzozowski Sr., the CEO and President at Medacist. Not just that; having realized the gap that existed in the market, both from a clinical and sociological perspective early on, the Medacist team was quick to discern the necessity to fill it. To this end, with its unparalleled algorithm, as evidenced by over 2000 hospitals and healthcare facilities served, Medacist effectively sealed the void. The benefits of such a solution to drug diversion cannot be understated. In addition, to drive better analytics and enrich data, the company identified the need to integrate its solutions with other data sources, such as electronic health record systems (EHR), time and attendance systems and drug inventory systems. As pioneers in the drug diversion analytics field, Medacist is among the first to load all patient data from the different systems into a central data warehouse and perform analytics against it. “In the world of data science, data is the oil which fuels machine learning and Medacist is Saudi Arabia of pharmacy automated dispensing. With two decades worth of automated dispensing data at our disposal, we are leading the charge in building analytics around behavioral aspects deploying machine learning. We have confirmed cases of drug diversion compiled over the years, which our system learns from, and builds inferences on different user behaviors related to diversion,” says Brzozowski.

Top 10 Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers 2019

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Proactively detect and prevent drug diversion

The opioid epidemic is evolving, and complex diversion problems require nuanced and actionable solutions. That’s why our RxAuditor Investigate platform eliminates the guesswork, so you never have to operate on a hunch ever again.

Powered by the revolutionary Genesis system, an AI and Machine-Learning based operating system draws on over 23 years of foundational learned and confirmed diversion events. The resulting reduction in false positives, laborious manual entries, complex dashboards, and siloed initiatives are troubles of the past and allow you to put your place your focus where it matters most, patient safety.

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