Medacist releases drug auditing and workflow management portal to further tackle drug diversion


ANAHEIM, CA, December 3, 2018 – Medacist, the pioneer and leader in drug diversion analytics, today announced the launch of a new platform designed to further assist hospitals across the country more easily identify and manage cases of drug diversion across their enterprise.

The Genesis analytics platform is built on a new engine quantified through a knowledge base comprised of 20 years of industry exclusive ADS and EMR data from thousands of facilities. The intelligence models derived from this exclusive knowledge base have been built on diversion experience of pattern recognition and confirmed outcomes through machine learning algorithms.

This engine will power an entire new suite of products leading with our first offering: RxAuditor Investigate.

RxAuditor Investigate is a web-based drug auditing portal for all members of an enterprise wide diversion risk team. It provides the team with a pin-pointed outlier list curated by our proprietary risk assurance scoring methodology as well as with a means to conduct a diversion auditing workflow within the application. Our sophisticated visualizations and easy-to-use web application powered by the Genesis engine deliver the healthcare industry the highest level of insight into drug diversion.

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